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The Ultimate Bible History for Believers – INTRO

Come on a journey as we delve into the history of the Book that has steered the course of human civilization.

While many claim the Bible as Holy and as the very foundation of their faith, very few know how it even came to be – its writers and history wrapped in mystery, legend, and all too often, misunderstanding. Well, no more! The Ultimate Bible History for Believers is the class you have been wanting, sweeping aside the misunderstandings and conspiracies to get to the truth of how the most sacred book in the history of the world came to be!

This class is an INTRODUCTION to a broader course on the History of the most sacred of books – The Holy Bible – and will touch on TOPICS such as

  • What exactly IS the Bible and who are the people who wrote its books?
  • Who crafted the Bible, and what made its books canon or extra-biblical (touching on the legends and conspiracies surrounding its construction)
  • What “Divinely Inspired” actually means
  • The differences in translations and basic canons – Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, and Eritrean
  • How a person’s culture DEEPLY influences their understanding of the Bible – collectivist vs individualist, east vs west
  • How an understanding of the Bible’s creation leads us into the deeper mystery of faith and Jesus Christ

After the class, we will have a brief Q&A with follow-ups thereafter.

This 2 hour workshop is offered on a special “trade-in” on a sliding scale of $5-$25, and is now available via direct download and streaming

*Those who have signed up to attend, even at the $5-$25 rate, will ALSO RECEIVE a 50% discount on the full course (6 WEEKS of 2-HOUR SESSIONS (12 hours total),

ultimate bible history
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CALLED BY GOD – Women Leaders of the Early Christian Faith


In the early days of Christianity, when the faith was a fledgling flame battling the gale winds of persecution, it was women who stood as the bedrock of the burgeoning Church. These were not silent women; they were torchbearers in a world overshadowed by patriarchy, heroines who defied the societal norms of their time to play pivotal roles in shaping the course of Christianity –

  • Mary Magdalenethe first to witness and proclaim Jesus’s resurrection
  • Photini, the Samaritan woman at the well who became a bold evangelist and faced down the Emperor Nero
  • Phoebea deaconess and benefactor who shouldered the responsibilities of the early Church
  • Priscillaan esteemed leader and writer of the Pauline communities and the teacher of Apollos
  • Theclaa convert and companion of Paul who dedicated her life to spreading the Gospel, and became the fiery faith-filled woman whom the authorities could not kill
  • Perpetuathe noblewoman who chose faith over life and detailed her experiences under Rome’s persecution in her diary, inspiring generations of believers to stand against an empire
  • Egeriaa pilgrim whose writings provide invaluable insights into early Christian practices and the Holy Land that still impact liturgical practices 1600 years later
  • And many, many more…

These women, and many others like them, faced challenges that tested the limits of human faith and resilience. Amidst the backdrop of persecution of the early Church, they emerged as pillars of strength, their stories woven into the fabric of Christianity, leaving an indelible mark on a faith that would change the world.

Yet, for all of their impact and importance to early believers, few today know of the existence of these powerful world changers and their contributions to the faith. We are taught of the Church Fathers, but little to nothing of our Mothers.

The voices of the Mothers of the Faith have been silenced.

Until now!

Join me for a workshop guaranteed to blow the lid off what you’ve been taught about the place of women in the Early Christian faith! And in so doing, reclaim the inheritance these forerunners left for us today!

CALLED BY GOD – Women Leaders of the Early Christian Faith

*This 2 hour workshop and 1 hour Q&A is offered on a special “trade-in” donation

ultimate bible history
ken arrington courses

The TRUTH About Hell – A Believer’s Guide

Dive into ‘The Truth About Hell – A Believer’s Perspective’ workshop; a remarkable journey unveiling the misunderstood narratives of Hell, destined to challenge your understanding and deepen your faith!

From fiery pits to eternal torment, the concept of Hell has haunted believers and skeptics alike for centuries, stirring debate, fear, and fascination. The mystery shrouding its true nature has given birth to countless interpretations, each more daunting than the last. But what if I told you that the popular image of Hell, as many of us know it, is not the whole story?

Welcome to “The Truth About Hell – A Believer’s Perspective,” an immersive 3-hour workshop designed to debunk the myths, unravel the misconceptions, and explore the various interpretations of Hell in Christian belief!

More than just the stuff of nightmares or medieval paintings, our understanding of Hell has evolved considerably over the centuries, shaped by influences from early Jewish and Christian ideas of the afterlife, Hellenistic philosophy, and even extra-biblical works like Enoch and Jubilees.

In this workshop, we won’t shy away from challenging perspectives. We will hold up a microscope to the Scriptures and history – yes, actual, non-conspiratorial history – to trace the evolution of the concept of Hell, whether you choose to call it Sheol, Hades, Gehenna, or Tartarus. We will scrutinize eternal conscious torment, annihilationism, conditionalism, and even the idea of universal reconciliation.

But it won’t all be fire and brimstone. As believers, our journey into the heart of Hell’s mystery is a quest for understanding and a testament to the profound love of Jesus. That’s why, at the end of the main 2-hour workshop, we’re dedicating a whole hour for Q&A and discussion, delving into the most pressing questions you’ll undoubtedly have!

Rest assured, this isn’t about fear-mongering. It’s about unearthing the truth, dispelling the myths, and deepening our understanding of what many unfortunately consider their key aspect of Christian faith.

And, let’s not forget, having some fun while doing so. Because, as daunting as the subject may seem, a journey of discovery is always exhilarating.

“The Truth About Hell – A Believer’s Perspective” is more than just a workshop – it’s an invitation to venture into the heart of one of the most debated, misunderstood, and consequential aspects of Christian faith. And in the process, even find the love of Jesus!

Are you ready to challenge your understanding and explore the real story of Hell?

**This 2 hour workshop and 1 hour Q&A is offered on a special “trade-in” donation on a sliding scale of $5-$25.

ultimate bible history
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Understanding the GNOSTIC GOSPELS from a Christian Perspective


Discover the complexities and controversies of the Gnostic Gospels from a Christian perspective in this in-depth 2-hour workshop!

The Gnostic Gospels are wrapped in mystery and misunderstanding, offering a different understanding of Jesus and His earthly ministry that is often at odds with what has been given to us in the Bible. Favored by the ancient Gnostics, these books were believed to have been erased from existence over a millennia ago. But in 1945, many of these gnostic works were rediscovered in Nag Hammadi, giving researchers a fascinating look into the myriad beliefs of the early Christian landscape.

Believers are often astonished to find out that these books are indeed real, fueling endless conspiracy theories and sensationalism. But just because these books are real, does that make the conspiracies true?

Were the so-called Gnostic Gospels really that popular among early Christians? Are they reliable … or do they reveal something else entirely?

And what do we, as modern-day Christians, do with these texts, especially since these books are entering public consciousness and their existence is often used to sow doubt into people’s beliefs about the Bible?

Should we Christians stick our heads in the sand and act like they don’t exist? Do we buy into the silly conspiracy videos all over social media designed to stoke the flames of fear? Do we just simply look at these texts as a sort of “spiritual backdrop” for early Christianity?

Or do they reveal that early Christian beliefs were more complex and diverse than orthodox writers would have us believe?

In this 2-hour workshop, we will cover –

  • What is Gnosticism and who were the gnostics?
  • Where did Gnosticism differ from traditional orthodox Christian belief?
  • Why are “missing Gospels” such as Thomas, Mary, Philip, and Judas often grouped under the term “Gnostic Gospels”?
  • How much of an impact did the Gnostics have on the ancient Christian Church?
  • Why were Gnostic views considered dangerous by early Church fathers?
  • And how did Gnosticism actually influence early Christianity and Biblical canon, and how and to what lengths did the Church go to have Gnosticism erased from existence?

    After the class, we will have a brief Q&A with follow-ups thereafter.

    This 2 hour workshop is offered on a special “trade-in” donation on a sliding scale of $5-$25.

    After registration is confirmed, download links and texts (including the gospels of Thomas, Mary, Philip, and Judas will be DOWNLOADABLE upon registration confirmation


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    apocrypha class

    “The Secrets of the Apocrypha & the Apocryphal Works”

    Including the Book of Giants, the Book of Jubilees, and the Books of Enoch


    (Students will be sent PDF copies of The Book of Giants, the Book of Jubilees, the Books of Enoch, Maccabbees 1 & 2, and The Wisdom of Solomon upon registration confirmation)

    They are books wrapped in mystery, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation. Some traditions consider them forbidden, others consider them canon, but all Christian faith traditions have been impacted by them more than they would like to admit!

    This course will dive into the facts and fallacies of the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, books that heavily influenced the Intertestamental Period and Early Church, yet were spurned during the final canonizations of the Holy Bible.

    What impact did these books have on the early Church? How should believers treat them now? What, if anything, can we learn from these ancient texts that many early Church Fathers held dear? Did Jesus and the writers of the New Testament reference these mysterious manuscripts? How has the Book of Giants, Jubilees, and the Books of Enoch affected modern day beliefs about the spiritual world? And more!

    This 2-hour workshop is offered on a special “trade-in” on a sliding scale of $5-$25, and after course conclusion will be available via direct download 

    *Those who attend, even at the $5-$25 rate, will ALSO RECEIVE a 50% discount on the full 12 hour The Ultimate Bible History for Believers Course  (6 WEEKS of 2-HOUR SESSIONS (12 hours total), now available for download

    The Ultimate Bible History for Believers**

    FULL Course Pack – 12 hours (6* – 2/hr sessions!)


    This is the COURSE you’ve been waiting for!

    Ready to take a deeper dive into the HISTORY of the Scriptures than you’ve ever imagined?

    Come on an in-depth journey to meet the figures and people that wrote the most sacred book in the history of the world – the authors may be more numerous than you think! Did the Disciples actually author the Gospels? See how the Scriptures evolved century to century, and break through the conspiracies and legends to get to the truth. What’s the real story with the Apocrypha, and what’s the issue with pseudepigraphical works? Learn how the meaning of “Divinely Inspired” affects the beliefs of billions, and how that meaning changes over generations. Just what are the differences in canons between major Christian traditions, and how do these differences change the expression of the Bible? How does a culture someone is raised in affect their understanding of the Holy Bible? And how does learning ALL of this help deepen our walk with and intimacy with Jesus Christ?

    Get ready to dive into the DEEP END! We’re plunging into the topics we brought up during the INTRO, and your understanding of the Bible will NEVER BE THE SAME!

    **12 HOURS OF CLASS TIME and Q&A –$99

    Currently, this class is available at 50% off its list price of $199

    **Sessions are now available for download

    12 hours course time total with Intro Workshop

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    The Journey

    Are you ready for a teaching experience unlike anything you have ever seen?

    Come with Ken on a journey through the wild and rugged countryside of Wales, revealing the 10,000 year old spiritual history of a region steeped in equal part legend and myth. Clifftop castles, ancient abbeys, 1,000 year old church ruins, standing stones, and even King Arthur’s court are on the docket for exploration, and on the way, you may find yourself on a JOURNEY directly into the heart of God, experiencing His wonder and intimacy in ways you never thought possible!

    This SEVEN EPISODE SERIES (filmed in coordination with TWE and The T) is available NOW online!