peace power to walk upon the waves

“It ravaged my heart, it educated me and even challenged some of my beliefs. Loved it, really did!”

-Anca Cesar

Just take a moment and listen. Close your eyes and listen. Open not just the ears on your head, but the ears of your spirit. If your spirit is truly seated with Christ, what is the song that you hear?

Now listen to the song in your heart. It is a song that only you can sing. It was placed there before time began. To reveal a Kingdom. To serve others. To bring your Father glory. It is the song of God’s children, crafted with love and placed within your chest to beat with the beating of your heart.

But in that song in your heart … there is something more …

There is a Voice that is calling you out of the frail, insecure, and illusory safety of your little boat and onto the raging waves. There is a Voice summoning you to step into dreams you never knew you had – a Voice beckoning you to join Him on the farthest of horizons.

It is a Voice that knows the destiny that was planned for you before eternity began. It is the Voice that designed you and your purpose before He even forged the very foundations of the world.

And He has already given you the very tools that can alter the world’s history.

Peace – Power to Walk Upon the Waves



Peace is not what you have been taught. And it is not what you think.

As world events seek to terrify and frighten us, to make us distrustful and judgmental towards those around us, to cause us to feel isolated … there is another way. In the midst of the chaos there is an opportunity for the revealing of a very real peace. And in the midst of the chaos and injustice in your own life, a true peace is available to you.

When this peace is within you, there is nothing that you cannot do. There is nothing that you cannot be victorious over – no emotional issue, no social condition, no economic plight. Anger and bitterness will submit. The judgement you have of others will fall by the wayside.¬†You will find freedom that you have never dreamt of, even if you find yourself physically in chains. You will uproot lies, tear down systems designed to hold us captive, and bring freedom to the oppressed. You will not be afflicted with bitterness, nor will you live in reaction to the world around you … no matter what happens.

When you know this peace, you will become the change that you wish to see. And through this peace you will be able to shift the atmospheres around you.

You will have the power to walk upon the waves. Even death will have no sting.

Peace is not what we have been lead to believe. It is so much greater.

This book is a journey into shalom. The next Great Reformation is now!

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