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The New sound is here


Rebirth is the first solo album of Jennifer Arrington, an invitation for you to encounter the holy presence, power, and character of God

The Song

After 10 years of singing and writing my own songs in the “secret place,” it is time to release my first professional solo album- REBIRTH! This project is birthed purely from my relationship with God, and the melodies and lyrics that make up the songs have practically come out of thin air, most of the time waking me up in the middle of the night.

Each of the songs on this album are an invitation for you to encounter the holy presence, power, and character of God. They carry and release fresh sounds of joy, freedom, healing and transformation, and more beyond my full understanding. The imagery within the melodies stirs the soul’s hunger to peer into another facet of the face of God. My heart’s desire is to illuminate and encourage the simple truth that we were designed to live face-to-face with our Creator.

The variety of genres on this project is wide, with sounds inspired by the many sounds of music that have influenced me, such as jazz, classical, blues, rock, electronic, and even indigenous tribal sounds and nature soundscapes. Some songs will have you dancing, feeling free, and soaring high; and some will take you into deep realms where you can only be still and know that He is God.

It is such a massive God-dream to be able to release this music, and I’m thankful for you and your part in making this project happen! While every song has been arranged and recorded to my utmost ability, I need your help to cover studio costs and the final production of this debut solo album. My dream is for these songs to reach hungry hearts, becoming doors for others to discover their own powerful, freeing, and healing moments with God.  With your help, we can make that happen!



Contribution Perks

(Upon album completion, all contributions over $15 will automatically be sent the Rebirth Digital Download. Limited Edition CDs will be available with shipping)


  • Album Digital Download  —  $15
  • Limited Edition & Signed CD  — $25 + shipping
  • The BIG Thank you (YOUR name in the CD Liner!)  — $50
  • Live Worship and Q&A Session  — $75
  • The HANDWRITTEN Lyrics (Handwritten lyrics to the song of your choice) — $100
  • Contributions  —  Any and all
jennifer arrington

Why We Need Your Help To Make REBIRTH Happen

While I have recorded the vocals (including all harmonies) and all of the instrumentation for these songs from my small home studio, its time to move this production into the professional music studio. Time, energy, and financial resources are needed to make this part of the dream a reality, and this is where I need your help.

Below is a breakdown of costs and where the funds will go:

$8,525  – Remaining studio time, full production, mixing, distribution
$1,475      -Photo & video content, CD production

$10,000 – Total Budget

$4,127 CONTRIBUTED as of October 31st, 2022 – THANK YOU!

$5,873 to go!!!

~ Some of my perks include personal notes, thank you’s on the physical CD, and a LIVE Q&A session before the album release

~ ALL contributions and perks above $15 will give you the high quality digital download before the album is released to the public

~ Please help spread the word by sharing this campaign with your communities, networks, and Social Media outlets! This is a hugely helpful way to support!

Has my music had an impact on you? Please reach out and let me know!

*If we exceed our goal, all funds will go into increasing the quality of the physical product, as well as video content

**If I don’t meet the goal, whatever funds raised will go directly to my remaining studio time

My heart as a child and friend of God has gone into this project, you could honestly say HIS heart has fueled the entire thing. It would absolutely mean the WORLD to me if you would help support and partner with making it a reality.

Thank you!


– Jennifer



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What They Say

A producer’s dream, seriously anointed, musically gifted, and [the music] sounds vintage but somehow NEW” 

ROB TOWNLEY (Producer, Recording Artist)

“Skill, talent, and favor combined with humility … allowing what she is seeing to embolden her, inspire her and motivate her … and I’m watching and encouraged to get to participate and taste of the sound of heaven she releases. Partner with her any way she makes available. You will be excited and glad you were able to be a part of bringing in this Angelic Frequency into manifestation

DANIEL DAVID I AM (Artist, Producer, Song Writer – Reign)

“MESMERIZING! Jennifer’s music comes from an INTIMACY rarely seen; it’s UNIQUE! Her sound is a wide-open gate into the realms of the heaven-heart. It’s POWERFUL! No shackle can stand strong when Jennifer sings. It’s FREEDOM in musical notes”

Anca Johnsen

Bride of Christ Ministries