Rending the Veil

The Journey Supplemental Series

Are you ready to touch the HEART OF GOD?

Come with Ken Arrington on a journey through the wild and rugged countryside of Wales, revealing the 10,000-year-old spiritual history of a region steeped in equal part legend and myth.

Clifftop castles, ancient abbeys, 1,000 year old church ruins, standing stones, and even King Arthur’s court are on the docket for exploration, and on the way, you may find yourself on a JOURNEY directly into the heart of God, experiencing His wonder and intimacy in ways you never thought possible!

Rending the Veil

Volume 1

The Curious Case of Mistaken Identity

There is a YOU that you think you know.

But the truth is, there is a YOU that was created before time began – the YOU that you truly are.

And since you have been born, the world has sought to qualify you, quantify you, categorize you, and define you. You have been given labels, types, and names. Other people, not knowing the real YOU, have come along and placed their version of you upon you. You have even adopted many of these worldly ideas as YOUR identity, and you’ve come to accept those identities as who YOU are. You have created molds and masks around these ideas, and adapted yourself to them, taking on the appearance of these identities and accepting them as your own.

But the real you … YOU are so much more. YOU are more than a label, your job, or your position. You are more than a partner. You are more than a parent or child. You are more than your greatest success. And more than your greatest failure.

And it is time for you to find our what “Being Born Again” actually means…

Rending the Veil

Volume 2

Seeing Your Father For Who He Is

Angry, vengeful, disappointed. And just a bit judgey.

Ask an average person what the Christian God is like, and chances are, one of these answers will pop up.

But what if God is none of those things? What if the truth of who your Father really is has been stolen from you, and what you’ve been left with is a lie, forged in an attempt to prevent you from knowing not just WHO you are, but WHOSE you are?

Join Ken Arrington as he travels to mysterious Margam Abbey in South Wales to uncover the epic history of its stunning monastery ruins and castle. And while there, you will find out the truth about God’s heart for you, and the world which he loves

Prepare to never look at your Heavenly Father the same, and to become enraptured by true love.

Rending the Veil

Volume 3

The Wedding  –

Legends say that hundreds of years ago ruined Pennard Castle, sitting high above Three Cliffs Bay in South Wales, was destroyed by fairies during the cursed wedding of its evil lord. Stories of ghosts and witches are whispered of by locals, and these lands are rife with tales of beauty … and terror.

But while Pennard Castle is the dramatic backdrop of so many terrifying stories, the truth is even more fantastic. Join host Ken Arrington, as he takes you to to the legendary site of a wedding gone epically bad, to reveal the truth about YOUR destiny to take part in the greatest wedding the universe has ever seen – where YOU take center stage next to the Lord of the Universe.

Your Groom is waiting. The wedding bells are sounding. Its time to walk down the aisle.

peace power to walk upon the waves

“Wow! Prepare to be UNSHACKLED! This book beautifully illustrates the absolute love of God for man…Thank you Ken for writing this book and stirring a change within me!”

-Samantha K

Rending the Veil

Volume 4

The Thin Place 

Thin Places are where the fabric of physical reality intersects with that of the supernatural – locations where a person can walk within the divine and the secular, places where two worlds become one.

Venture with Ken Arrington to Pentre Ifan in Pembrokeshire, Wales, a sacred monument 1,000 years older than the pyramids of Egypt, where for millennia visitors have come believing it to be a portal between worlds. And while there, get ready to find out the incredible truth about actual Thin Places … and your part to play in making them possible!

Rending the Veil

Chapter 5

The Secret Place  –

The ruins of Neath Abbey are jaw dropping, stunning, and mysterious. Giving its visitors a peek into a glorious past that has fallen into ruin, Neath Abbey still has stories to tell. And curious explorers may even find a secret place, revealing the Abbey’s past grandeur as a hiding place of an outlaw king, and a home for lords and ladies. 

Come with Ken Arrington as he explores the ruins of what was once the grandest abbey in Wales, and while there, discover your own Secret Place where you can commune with the God of the Universe and partner with your Creator to reveal Heaven on Earth.

A secret bridal chamber is waiting to be revealed. You have the key. But do you have the courage to walk through the door?

Rending the Veil

Chapter 6

Hidden Treasure  –

Hidden treasure. It has lit the fire of imaginations since the dawn of time. The greatest expeditions ever sent out have been in search of precious metals and stones, and civilizations have risen and fallen on finding treasures … and losing them.

Come with Ken Arrington to South Wales’ Rhossili Beach a place known for its heart-stopping beauty … but also known for its stories of shipwrecked treasure – where Spanish gold still lurks underneath its shifting sands. 

And while there, you will find treasure of a different sort that is infinitely more valuable, that when discovered will change your world forever.

Rending the Veil

Volume 7

Revolution Calling  –

It’s a word spoken from the pulpits of the powerful and invoked by the unknown in their prayer rooms. It is sung about, written of, searched out, prophesied, and in some cases, even manufactured. World-wide ministries strive to usher it in, to enable it, and sustain it. It’s a word that quickens the pulse of believers across the world, met with cheers and longing… REVIVAL!

Join Ken Arrington and special guest Ray Hughes as he ventures to Neath Mission Hall, one of the cradles of the Welsh Revival – a Revival so powerful and so transformative that its tremors are still felt around the world over 100 years later, a Revival that not only shaped modern Christian spiritual culture but has impacted billions of souls across the world.

But what exactly is Revival? Is it an event, a movement, or something else? Can Revival be planned and organized? Can you even find the word Revival in the Scriptures? And what does the word Revival mean for those on an intimate Journey with Jesus?

Are you ready for a Revolution?

Your JOURNEY has just begun

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